Starlet Dugard: What is She Doing Now?

You must have heard about Jaycee Dugard. Yes, the woman, along with her three daughters, were held captive for 18 years. We all have heard bits and pieces about Jaycee Dugard and her life struggles, but we often do not come across many detailed information pieces that would help us understand who she was, why she was a captive, and who Starlet Dugard was.

Background of Starlet Dugard

Starlet Dugard was the second daughter of Jaycee Dugard. She was widely known and acknowledged when her mother released a book named “A Stolen Life: A Memoir “based on the tribulations of Philip Garrido’s captives. Through this book, the world came to know about Starlet Dugard and Angel Dugard, the two very brave daughters of Jaycee, who not only survived through this terrible threat but also became the reason why they are free right now.

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But the shocking part of this life story is how Starlet and Angel Dugard were howling and crying when Philip Garrido was arrested! Isn’t this surprising? Shouldn’t they be happy because of the freedom? We will know so much more later in this article.

Starlet Dugard

The Story of Starlet Dugard’s Mother, Jaycee Dugard

In 1991, when Jaycee was just 11 years old, she got kidnapped by a stranger who she had never met before or understood why he’d been kidnapping her! On this random day in June 1991, Jaycee was kidnapped from a bus stop in California.

The man behind her abduction was Philip Garrido. The reason he kidnapped her is still unknown to everyone. but what he did after the kidnapping was even more cunning and terrible. Jaycee was hidden in multiple tents and rest houses, and Phillip used to beat and assault her.

it was indeed a horrific series of incidents, but something happened that Jaycee was most scared of.

After 2 years of this kidnapping, she got pregnant with Philip’s child, and in 1994, Jaycee gave birth to her first daughter, Angel Dugard. In this horrific time when no hospital, no doctors, and no lab tests were made available to her,. Philip showed her a few videos on giving birth, and she was left with no other choices than this one.

In this similar pattern, Jaycee gave birth to her second daughter, Starlet Dugard, in 1997.

But who was Philip Garrido?

In simple words, he was a complete psychopath—a serial rapist, abductor, pedophile, and also a person with a track record of criminal offenses. there was no reason behind kidnapping an 11-year-old girl but sheer stupidity to satisfy his hunger for innocent little beings.

Jaycee was one of the abductors; Philip kidnapped her; before her, he assaulted another minor girl; and so much more.

Real Parents of Startlet Dugard

All through the years, Philip made the two girls believe that he and his wife, Nancy, were their actual parents, and Jaycee was their elder sister. though this story was simple enough to make these kids understand the trauma that Jaycee is going through, it was not strong enough to hold a mother’s love.

Jaycee showed her love to her daughters time and again

Life of Starlet Dugard

Born in the backyard of Garrido, growing up there was no less than a traumatic experience for Starlet Dugard. it was indeed painful, and she was confused about whom to believe and what to do in this toxic environment.

Though Jaycee tried her best to give the absolute best life to both the daughters, it was not hard to find that these two little girls were going through an identity crisis.

Starlet Dugard: Living Life After 18 Years

It was not a year or two, but 18 years of absolute isolation from the whole world for Starlet, Angel, and Jaycee. it was hell for them, and as we say, light comes on our way when we least expect it. and that’s how this whole situation was revealed to the world.

One fine day, Phillip took both the girls to the University of California and came to get permission to distribute religious flyers across the university. the behavior of Philip and both Angel and Starlet was not only weird but suspicious for a cop standing nearby and seeing how they were so much different than the rest of the crowd.

This cop was none other than Lisa Campell, a popular female cop known for solving the biggest of the big mysteries and concluding the case on a positive note. Lisa did not want to make the situation obvious for this mentally unstable person, Philip, but asked him to come a day later to finalize the request

At this time, she checked the background of Garrido and found that she has a wife but no daughter, contrary to the written records. When Philip came back to meet Lisa and get permission, he revealed how he was on parole for a case of rape and kidnapping that happened 33 years ago.

Though Lisa understood the whole scenario, she didn’t have anything legal that would make the arrest process easier. but with the help of the parole commissioner, he got the information and arrested Nancy and Philip Garrido. Slowly and steadily, they both accepted each of their crimes and were sentenced to jail for 431 years based on multiple rapes, assaults, and whatnot

Finally, the day was here

After 18 years, it was the day for Jaycee, Starlet, and Angel—it was their day, when they burst into years not believing they were free and had no one behind them, creating obstacles to her freedom. Starlet Dugard and Angel Dugard were two strong pillars of Jaycee’s life, and it was them who not only helped them get released but also became the sole responsibilities of Jaycee.

Today, all three of them are free, living, and loving in this cruel world. a world that failed to save a small 11-year-old girl from this monster. But these ladies proved to all of us that “when there is a way, there’s a will.”. and everything will be fine, no matter what life throws at you!

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