Review Roundup: Masters Of The Air’ Receives Rave Reviews for Its Unforgettable Impact

A big-budget drama miniseries by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks named “Master of the Air” is based on a real-life incident of the 100th bomb group in the U.S. Airforce and they are also known as Bloody Hundredth.

When the master of air neared its end one member survived of bloody hundredth group of air force who was standing adjacent to the fireplace and decided to get back to their families and then they wondered how it sounded when they were grounded no bombs were dropping from the sky. Can they return to their wives, and their kids can they protect themselves? These types of questions are arising in their minds.

Going back in history “Masters of Air” is the work based on Donald L. Miller’s 2007 book. The series of 9 episodes is all about from the eyes of a pilot and navigators and crew of the Air Force’s hundredth bomb group. Masters of the Air has a lot to experience with and the creators of its John Shiban and John Orloff have cast the cast, crew, and budget in an ambition to do just that only. The series cast staring like Austin Butler, Callum Turner, Barry Keoghan, Anthony Boyle, Natte Mann, and Ncuti Gatwa who played charismatic roles in the series.

In the first two episodes, several characters are introduced by their names so it can be overwhelming but after a few hours the real action begins, and people can identify the characters by their accents. The second half of the show is majorly on the ground only and the cameo is made by the famous Tuskegee Airmen a unit based completely on African American pilots. Masters of the air initially doesn’t get away but after a turbulent takeoff, it ascends.

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