Reese Witherspoon Wished to Be a ‘Yorkie’ If She Were a Dog And Rejects Being a ‘Rottweiler’

On Monday, Reese Witherspoon said that she is looking for dogs that look like her. She said this in a video that she shared on her Instagram account. She discussed what breed she would be if she were a dog.

“I think I’m a Yorkie,” Witherspoon said instantly in the video. “Or, do you know what I’m not? This is not a Rottweiler. “I’m not a Doberman Pinscher,” she said, adding, “but I could be a Golden Retriever.”

“But that little Dachshund one, isn’t it cute?” She then joked, “I saw one of those golden ones at the mall, picked it up, and almost put it in my purse.”

She then told her fans that if they have a dog that looks like her, they should get in touch.

She said in the video, “If somebody out there has a dog that looks like me, I will come meet your dog. Oh, I will.” She also said, “But, I’ve got to agree, send me a picture. I will come meet your dog. I’m talking like a Yorkie. I’m talking like a mini Dachshund, one of the golden ones.”

Then she laughed saying, “But you’re also going to need to change the name of your dog to Reese Witherspoon,”

Fans are now waiting for the photos of dogs that are going to her inbox, as she is also excited about it.

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