NFL Star Travis Kelce Spills the Tea on Whirlwind Romance with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift link-up updates are all over the internet, and their fans are absolutely clueless about when and how it all started. but Travis gave a lot of details on their relationship when he appeared on the Pat McAfee show on Wednesday. Since then, fan pages have been creating beautiful edits of the couple and making people like us confused about it.

As per Travis Kele, he and Taylor have known each other for quite some time, and their love blossomed in this month of knowing each other. though people were confused about the presence of Travis on the Taylor era’s tour. and since then, there has been no turning back. They are constantly seen together somewhere or another.

Travis later explained how he proposed to Taylor to come watch his game and how he really liked her presence with the family and friends while he played one of his best games. Taylor’s popularity is quite well known; girls of all ages are huge fans of this superstar.

Travis even said that he doesn’t like Taylor’s no-talking policy before and after every event. though he understands that her voice is very important to sing 40+ songs on each tour. He still feels that emptiness when she’s in her no-talking zone.

Just like the fans, Travis also believes that this attention and love are quite new for him, but he is going with the flow and enjoying whatever has been happening so far.

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