MLK/X Actor Kelvin Garrison reveals details About the Life of Martin Luther

Genius: MLK/X is the fourth installment in National Geographic’s anthology docu-drama series. Kelvin Garrison Jr. is playing the part of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the actor, during the Q&A session at the premiere of National Geographic’s Genius season four, revealed some interesting facts about the characters they have played.

Kelvin disclosed some facts that truly intrigued his inner self as an actor and made him think about Dr. Martin Luther from a different perspective. He revealed a moment when the father of Martin Luther visited Germany in 1934, the place where Protestantism was given birth. When he came back, he told his son that he was naming him “Martin Luther,” as it was the name of a German theologian, and he even told him that he had a much better purpose.

Kelvin found it very interesting how a child would have felt when his father was giving him such wise advice, and he, being just 5 years old, was completely clueless. While shooting for the series, Kelvin also found that Martin Luther’s name was actually “Michael.”.

This series is absolutely the best choice for people who are fans of such historically rich leaders. This series will give a detailed view of the early years and the relationship between Martin Luther Jr. and Malcolm X. His series will also witness some other prominent leaders of that time, which will be interesting for the viewers.

This installment in National Geographic’s anthology is quite popular and started with Albert Einstein in the first season, followed by the life of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso in the second season, and Aritha Franklin in season 3.

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