Rowdy Robertson: Unpacking His Life

In this write-up, we will be throwing some light on the life of Rowdy Robertson. Let’s start with his introduction for those of you who do not know him. Rowdy Robertson is the adopted son of Willie Robertson and his wife Korie Robertson who are famous for their reality TV series “Duck Dynasty”. Let’s dive deeper into the life of Rowdy Robertson and learn more about his parents, lifestyle and other facts.

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Rowdy Robertson: Family

The credit for Rowdy Roberstson’s popularity goes to his parents, Willie and Korie Robertson who are the main characters of the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty”. Willie Robertson, Rowdy’s father, is also an author and news contributor in addition to being an infamous TV personality. Moreover, he is the current CEO of the company Duck Commander which deals with hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.

Rowdy Robertson

Willie Robertson and his wife Corey Robertson are parents to six children including Rowdy Robertson. Rowdy Robertson’s siblings include John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, and Rebecca. Rowdy is the youngest of five siblings. John Luke, Sadie and Bella are the biological children of the Robertson couple while Will, Rebecca and Rowdy are adopted. The entire family features in the Duck Dynasty which has made them gain public attention.

Willie and Korie Robertson adopted Rowdy Robertson in 2016 who has been a part of their family since then. The Robertsons adopted Rowdy from Uganda while they were on a trip to Africa. When they met Rowdy, they completely fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. They took him along to the United States to live with them as a part of their family. Rowdy continues to live with the Robertsons to date.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is a popular American reality TV series that airs on the cable network A&E. This series showcases the lives of the Robertson family who gained success from their family-operated business, the Duck Commander which deals with hunting and outdoor recreational activities.

The Duck Dynasty was originally started by Phil Robertson who is the father of Willie Robertson. The show has featured Phil and his wife Kay along with their four sons: Willie, Jase, Jep, and Alan. We can say that the show has featured generations as even Phil and Kay’s grandchildren have appeared on it, including Rowdy. The Robertsons are known for their long beards, their Christian faith, and their love of duck hunting.

This show is very popular and has been one of the most-watched series. People loved this show as it was realistic, full of humor and family-oriented. People were also interested in the unique lifestyle of the Robertson family. The show was also controversial at times, but by and large, it was a huge hit.

Unlike the Robertson family, Rowdy likes to keep his personal life private. However, Rowdy gained much popularity when he was featured in some seasons of this infamous TV series. However, Rowdy is not only famous because he is a part of a popular family, but also because he is a self-made athlete.

Rowdy Robertson: Lifestyle

Rowdy has a passion for athletics. He takes part in several sports like baseball, basketball and golf. In this way, he has made a name for himself as an athlete. Apart from these games, Rowdy also likes to spend time with his family and often goes fishing and hunting with them with great enthusiasm.

Not just sports, but Rowdy aces studies too and he is an excellent student at school. In his free time, he likes reading books. Despite facing the demand for fame, Rowdy still takes some time out to help society. Not only does he help needy people get food, but he also volunteers at animal shelters.

Rowdy Robertson: Trevor Project

Currently, Rowdy is working for the welfare of the LGBTQ community under the Trevor Project. This project is aimed at providing information and support to LGBTQ people who have faced a lot of discrimination in society. Working on this project does point fingers at Rowdy and people are suspecting whether Rowdy identifies him as gay. However, it remains undisclosed as there are no confirmations regarding this matter.


Rowdy is a happy and loving person. Rowdy’s lifestyle impresses all those who know about him. He seems to be perfectly utilizing his time and making the most of life. Rowdy’s parents are also proud of him and are always there to support him. They are glad their son is doing so well as an athlete, student and a social worker.

Rowdy Robertson

Right now, Rowdy is just 19 years old and he is ahead of his age. What makes me say this is his active involvement in so many activities which is not everyone’s cup of tea at this age. Rowdy stands to be an inspiration. I hope this article was helpful for you in learning about the life of Rowdy Robertson.

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