Jacob Elordi, Renee Rapp, and Rachel McAdams steam up SNL

Jacob Elordi, a Hollywood star known for his roles in Euphoria; The Kissing Booth, and recently released Saltburn, along with Renee Rapp, and Rachel McAdams, (The Notebook) actress marked a momentous occasion on January 20, 2024, by hosting the premiere episode of SNL (Saturday Night Live). The show which quickly became a hot trending topic on social media, showcased Elordi’s versatility.

The Australian actor Jacob’s SNL debut was characterized by a series of characters that were humorously funny based on popular personalities, current events, and contemporary trends.

The episode was further enhanced by appearances from other notable stars, Rachel McAdams, famous for The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Doctor Strange. Reneé Rapp, the talented singer and lead in the new movie adaptation of “Mean Girls,” graced the show.

Elordi kicked off the show by saying, you might know me from Saltburn not from seeing the film, just from seeing the TikTok’s, with it cutting to one of the most infamous scenes in the movie, involving Barry Keoghan his co-star, and a grave. He said “I was the one in the grave. If you saw the movie, thank you. If you saw the movie with your parents, I’m sorry. If you saw the movie with your girlfriend, you’re welcome.

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