Is Alan Walker About to Drop a New Song? Cryptic Tweet Hints at Imminent Release

Get ready with your headphones, Walkers, because Alan Walker just hinted at a new song with some cryptic tweet. On 19 January, the very popular and world-renowned DJ and producer sent shivers down spines with a message: “Less than 24 hours. Are you ready! #WhoIAm #musicvideo.”

He is sitting on a chair in front of a kind of big screen. He seems to be lost looking at the display. Fans are both excited and confused if it is his new song going to launch. Fans are already eagerly speculating about what is going to come out.

Some fans are just too excited for his new song. HaroongFursuiter writes, “Yaayyyyy I am readyyy!!!.

Is it a countdown to a brand-new Alan Walker track? Well, all signs point to “Yes.” The hashtag #WhoIAm surely suggests a potential song title.

Alan Walker is known for his signature electro-pop soundscapes. He has kept his fans waiting for a new song since September 2023. The excitement is surely there. Now let’s hope, the tweet is about his new song.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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