Elle King Backlashed for ruining Dolly Parton 78 Birthday celebration

On Friday at Ryman Auditorium while celebrating the iconic singer’s Dolly Parton 78th birthday singer Elle King lost a barrage of profanities.

According to a video shared on social media from Grand Ole Opry.

Elle told the audience “Hi, my name is Elle King, and I’m f–-ing hammered, ” after tripping over the words of Parton’s 2001 song “Marry Me. Instead of actual lyrics, she sang “I don’t know the lyrics of this thing in this f–king town. Don’t tell Dolly cause it’s her birthday.

She also said I’m not even gonna f–-ing lie to you, but you guys bought tickets for this s–t. You guys are not getting your money back.

On social media fans of Dolly Parton have criticized King as her clips from the performance have circulated online.

Elle born and raised in Los Angeles, decided to become a singer at the age of 9 after receiving a record by The Donnas. In the movie Deuce Bigalow in the 90s She made her acting debut with her father. 

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