Chicago Fire S12 Taylor Kinney returns

Season 12 of Chicago Fire is really heating up as Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, is back on the hit NBC drama for the first time since February 2023. Last year, in January the actor took a leave of absence from the show “to deal with a personal matter, as per sources.

At the end of last season, many things were up in the air showrunner Andrea Newman in the new season confirmed that, “There have been big changes, and the 51 gang is on a rollercoaster ride throughout the episode trying to navigate all of it. Kara Killmer’s departure from the show, Alberto Rosende leaving the show too. The cast is getting an exciting new addition in the form of Rome Flynn.

Andrea Newman said “We always have some storylines in mind at the end of the season, but this year everything was different. So, it was a little crazy at the start, but I actually think it worked for us to have a bigger time jump than we usually do. “You know, it’s actually fun to be able to bring a character’s story to a conclusion, I always love to give the audience that surprise and that closure, but we also want to make sure that any exits are organic to the character and if you’ve built the character’s overall storyline properly, it doesn’t feel like they’re leaving is coming out of the blue.

Derek Haas and Michael Brandt Created with legendary producer Dick Wolf the thrilling series follows the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51 as they fight to keep the city safe while dealing with interpersonal conflicts and romantic entanglements in and out of the station house. With over 12 seasons and 200 episodes and counting, it looks like there are still many more dramatic rescues left for the heroes of Firehouse 51.


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